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Virtual Assistants - Where we speak all things admin!

Virtual Services

Admin Management & Admin Systems

We manage your time consuming and repetitive admin tasks and we build admin systems that close the gaps.

Emails & Calendar Management

We manage your email inbox with filters & filing, we also create a time management system in your calendar keeping you accountable.

Building Operating Procedures

Designing and documenting your business processes can increase productivity save time and show your professionalism.

Basic Social Media Content

Already have your social media profiles and needing a VA to take over the load, we got you covered.

Project Management

If you have multiple projects and team members at one time we can oversee that process and ensure your team stays accountable and efficient.


Do you have a lot to say? Why not tell the world? We find you guests, record & publish your podcast show for you.


Admin Basic

We need a brief on handover, access where needed, deadlines & communication plan.

  • 10 hours
  • Admin Management
  • Email & Calendar
  • Admin Systems

Admin Standard

We need a brief on handover, access where needed, deadlines & communication plan.

  • 15 hours
  • All Basic Package
  • Building Operating Procedures

Admin Premium

We need a brief on handover, access where needed, deadlines & communication plan.

  • 25hrs
  • All Basic Package
  • ALL Standard Package
  • Project Management

Social Media

We need a brief on goals & expectations. Logins & access. We recommend a scheduling tool.

  • 12 monthly posts
  • 12 captions
  • 12 hashtag groups
  • Monthly Newsletter


We need a brief on show objectives, a timeline of sourcing guests, release dates, and marketing.

  • Guests & Recording
  • Editing & Posting
  • Content

Our Process

Stage 1 - Kick off Meeting

We have 1 or 2 meetings depending on the complexity of projects or workload, to understand what tasks are being handed over, define the scope of work, and manage expectations on outcomes. We also determine deadlines & rates.

Stage 2 - Onboarding Presentation & Setup

We establish what setup is needed and what tools or platforms we will need access to. We submit the plan for confirmation & determine if training is needed. We also develop templates where necessary.

Stage 3 - Begin Work & Monthly Review Meetings

Now we are ready to begin! We login in and access what we need to, or we start creating content based on your set scope of work. We also arrange our monthly review meetings.

Social Media