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Taflynn Worx

Taflynn Worx is a female-owned South African-based Virtual Admin Services company. Created in 2019.

Taflynn Worx with small business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world, who are scaling their businesses & need relief from admin responsibilities.

We have not limited ourselves to any one industry, and this allows us to focus on the entrepreneur or business professional and not only what works for the business but what works for the human.

We build Admin Systems that save small businesses time and money, so they can focus on their business strategy and doing the work they love most. We'd like to help you work on your business and not in your business.


Our vision is to see more women becoming entrepreneurs and owning businesses and teaching the next generation in South Africa and globally, to work for themselves creating more employment and opportunities.


Our mission is to help grow 15 new female-owned businesses in 2023 by relieving them from creating & maintaining admin systems that save them time & money, allowing them to work on the areas of the business they love. We also aim to empower women by coaching them to become Virtual Assistants and enabling them to work from home. We have helped 19 small businesses in 3 years.

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Clients Across the Globe

In the virtual world, we are not limited to any one location, and no matter where we are, we still have access to overseas opportunities and are able to add value to remote teams. Have a look at our clients in different markets across the world!

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